Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall Crafting Guide

Every Friday afternoon I anxiously await my weekly cross-stitching email that lists new patterns. Now, it's been awhile since I've shared some of my love of the craft, so I thought I'd make up for lost time. Here are some treasures I've selected and annotated just for YOU!

and some Crystal Meth for Sunday Supper!

soon to become an episode of Law and Order, SVU

Sadly, Santa (who appears to be mortally wounded from a cougar attack)
did not heed Bob Barker's advice.

but he found someone naughty, and...HEY!

problem solved.  How nice!

Fred the Fairy told Mr. Caterpillar that when he grew up,
what he wanted more than anything in the world
was to be a refrigerator repair man or a plumber.
No ifs, ands, or butts about it.

God Home Bless Our.
God Bless Home Our.
Who In Circles Reads?

"We is Friends!  You and Me is Friends!"
...the perfect gift for your middle school English teacher. 

Just the thing for the baby's room!

Hey where you're putting those hands!

"Dog can't hold his licker."
Oh No. I'm. Not. Going. There.

I'm not sure if this is a tribute to Viagra or NAMBLA.

Reasons for sewing a sheep butt:
1. It makes your picture entirely reversible.
2. A mistaken loyalty to realism.
3. Because it's there, and you can.

Happy Crafting!

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