Thursday, November 26, 2009

Presents Past Tents

As we were driving home tonight from Thanksgiving (Chapter 1), we were driving through town and happened to drive past the local Best Buy. There, we noticed what must have been 20 tents set up outside the door.

In 30-degree weather.
In the rain.
At 5:45pm
Almost HALF A DAY before tomorrow's 4am opening bell.

I understand that "Black Friday" shopping is a tradition for some, and a sport for many.  Around here it's almost like Deer Hunting season  There are those who do and those who don't, and the philosophical differences are so vast that there is no point in trying to reason with the other side.

But I live in a KumBahYah kind of world, and I'm pretty good at seeing both sides of a story.  If you're a Black Friday participant, you love the thrill of the hunt, scoring the exceptional deal, and completing your holiday shopping a full month ahead of schedule, which, of course, gives you more time to decorate every flat surface with flashing lights, plastic cling decals, glitter, tinsel, swag, puffy paint, candles, calendars, singing fish with Santa hats and Christmas Villages large enough to give every sheep, shepherd and wise guy man their own private suite.

The thing is ... if you are NOT a Black Friday participant, you STILL love the thrill of the hunt, scoring the exceptional deal and completing your holiday shopping a full month ahead of schedule.  The only difference is, there isn't enough money, bargains, rebates and/or coffee in the world that could get you out of bed and out the door in the middle of the night.

This year it seems there has been increased incentives to shop online.  Some of the sales have already begun, and I must admit there are some advantages to this option.  First, pajamas.  Second, tents are not required.  Third, a drastic decrease in the number of annoying people, and any that you would encounter,'re related to them, so you can't really blame that on the store.  Finally, considering that last year people were trampled to death trying to enter a store, shopping online means you eliminate the whole DEATH part of the experience.  You have to admit's pretty tempting.

And I will admit that I have poked around (a little) online, but only half-heartedly.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not a professional shopper, or a full-contact tackle shopper, or a rugged outdoorsman pitch my tent on the pavement shopper.  I've looked at the ads.  There are decent deals.  But there isn't a one of them that is better than spending a little extra time in bed, and spending a lot of extra time with my family.  Bargains come and go, and I plan to hunt down the sales as best I can.  But, as is the case every year, I'm shopping on my own terms and in my own time.  My tent, my wallet, and my sanity are all staying home tomorrow.  If you are one of the midnight warriors, best of luck to you.  I promise I won't get in your way.

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