Sunday, December 26, 2004

All Y'all

The assimilation of all things south of the Mason-Dixon line has begun y'all. Pop is no more. Now it's soda. I've hidden away all my queen cash from Canada, because, as I was once told in a highly contemptuous way, "We don't take that kind of money here." (Y'all)

Despite the fact that there is no snow here in the land of all things southern, there are still plenty of complaints about the cold. These belly-aches are being totally ignored by us northerners, because their current temperature has TWO digits, which is one more than we've seen in quite awhile. (Y'all)

We occupied ourselves in the car playing Disney Trivial pursuit. I thought I'd be smoking at this one, but with questions like, What was the mean kid's sister's cousin's dog's name in Toy Story I quickly discovered just how much of an idiot I really was. (Y'all)

TinyTuna also spent time asking riddles with answers no one on earth could guess, like What is black and white and is found at the North Pole? Yeah. Forget the penguins. Far too obvious. The answer is A lost zebra. Uh-huh. It was a long afternoon. (Y'all)

After several stops for pop which morphed into soda before our wondering eyes, we made our way to Maryland, partaking in the traditional 15 minute slowdown to 5 mph so everybody could rubberneck at the car on the side of the road. I don't know. Maybe the dent in the fender looked like the Virgin Mary. (Y'all)

Not much else to tell. The rest of the week will be filled with family mirth and joy. Also known as blogging fodder.

Stay tuned, Y'all.


mensch71 said...

Ya'll come home soon, ya hee-ah? It's cold and I have no place to feng my shui. Off to get me a large POP and some meat sticks.

Anonymous said...

Hey there all y'all -- the south will rise again, like dough with too much yeast. Is Maryland south? Or are you south southing?

Have a good trip. Let me know when you're reduced to 20 questions or the one where everyone (in turn) has to spot things starting with letters of the alphabet in order. The old ones are the best (and give us "older" folks a decent chance at staying in the game.)