Thursday, December 16, 2004

Here's A Howdy-Do

Since my day today is filled with panicked students singing for their academic supper and I'm away from my computer, I thought I should take the time and introduce myself to anybody who may have found this site via the Holidailies 2004 project, or have stumbled across my virtual door searching for information related to:

How to setup the manger scene (Um, Jesus goes in the middle)
lateral thinking+mince pie (MINCE PIE FACE!)
nymphs and shepherds song (Bleah. I hate that song)
nightmare mince pie (MINCE PIE FACE!)
Jolly Green Giant Theme Song Lyric (Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Giant!)
kenny+south park+mince pie (MINCE PIE FACE!)
Kirstie Allie fat photos (sigh)

So, first the basics.

Well, I am me. I am what I am, but I am not Popeye, and I'm not going to divulge a whole bunch of boring, personal details. I am GreenTuna. I work in University Academia teaching Voice, and I also work in University Academia in a Fine Arts Library. Oh, and I'm also a professional Soprano who continues to have gigs here, there, and everywhere.


I come from the Michigan, also known as The Mitten state. This November we voted blue and joined the United States of Canada. Speaking of Canada, I take great joy in teasing my neighbors to the south, particularly in regards to their funny money, goofy holidays (who else would celebrate boxes?), sports (Curling. HA!) and exchange rate which makes the whole place just a

Well, that's a different story. I come from the land of Michigan State University. MSU's colors are green and white. Hence the GREEN part of GreenTuna. The Tuna is a bit more of a stretch. MSU's mascot is the Spartan. Which, in my household, sometimes gets skewed to the Spartoons. Which in turn gets chopped up to the Toons. Or the Tunas. And VOILA! GreenTuna. Yes, it's kind of weird, but I prefer to think of it as unique.

I started this whole Blogging escapade in September of 2003. It grew as an offshoot of daily postings I made which recapped our summer love reality show, Big Brother. The daily posts were known as The Tuna News and the rest, as they say, is history.

My cast of characters casts a pretty wide net. They include:

TinyTuna, my daughter, a precocious 10-year old. She loves acting, singing, dancing, tormenting me by ALWAYS wanting to be a princess at Halloween, pickles, mispeaking (see: "The Party of the Red Sea!"), memories (My SOCK!), The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (6:14 of Gordon Lightfoot on neverending replay in the car) and making up her own rules to Rock-Paper-Scissors so she always wins (see: Volcano). She also claims that she is too old to be "Tiny" Tuna anymore, and wants to be "Princess" Tuna. Shyeah. Right.

GramTuna (TinyTuna's grandmother) -- BSTuna (That's "Big Sister") -- Fabio the Fabulous, our French Angora Rabbit who is often a wee bit too randy for his own good, and tries to "put the fluid in my arm" (tm TinyTuna) -- Bessie (My computer) -- My Boyfriend (Google) -- A WholeBunchaOtherTunas (Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews, friends and acquaintances) that I know and love and attach Tuna-names to as I see fit.


I hate them. Really hate them. Really, really hate them. I hate them so much, that the mere mention of mince pies will send my face into blech-contortions, otherwise known as making a MINCE PIE FACE (MPF). And since it's the season and FYI, FRUITCAKE FACE looks exactly the same. As does CANDYCORN FACE. Yuck. Yuck. and Yuck.

Nothing that I can think of, except that I'm really, really glad you're here. Please leave a howdy, an email address or a comment. Holidailies has increased the number of blogs I now follow by an alarming rate, and I know I am both privileged and blessed to have such a wonderful circle of funny, smart, thought-provoking friends. Two years ago I would have never imagined that I would be writing words instead of only singing the words of others. Now I do both, and it quite frankly kicks some serious butt.

Oh, and stop it with the Kirstie Allie searches.
I don't know.
I don't want to know.


Gary said...

Wow! Even I felt like I've learned something! Oh, and I LIKE fruitcake by the way... am I the only one in North America? And as far as the Canadian thing goes, I know that you only tease the ones you love.

Cool post, Tuna.

Margaret said...

Awwww...let TinyTuna be PrincessTuna. Or maybe TwoDigitMidgetTuna. Then she'll become TeenTuna.

Where are the Ninja Turtles in the Manger Scene (they HAD to be there)?

bozoette said...

I spent a very cold winter in the Mitten State back in the 70s, when I was running with circuses and living in my van. Brown City in the middle of a blizzard; Mio (same); Petosky -- a great public campground by the lake...

I'm delighted to have found you!

Sarah said...

Do you ever have an urge to live in Altoona?