Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Feast

It's a new Friday Feast Meme, and after last week, I'm happy to say they are still letting me play! Questions du jour?

Appetizer: What Do You Want for Valentine's Day?
I can only assume that this question was posed by somebody who not only has a good answer that involves chocolate, jewelry, alcohol, dinner et al. (and not necessarily in that order) but also has a pretty darn good chance of getting it. For the rest of us, we all know better. We know the day is coming, but we prefer NOT to discuss it. We know we'll be that sixth-grade girl watching everybody else dance to THE epitome of sixth-grade last-dance songs, Stairway to Heaven, while we hold up the cafetorium walls and wish that the boys we liked would get a clue and stop playing basketball in the gym. We know all this. We'd just prefer to forget it. Or to convince ourselves that it doesn't matter.
Answer: A five-pound block of cheese. Because NOTHING says love like a five-pound block of cheese.

Soup: If you could change the color of something you own, what would it be, and what color would you make it?
I was originally going to go for the obvious color of changing my car from its current two-tone shade of grunge and salt to its original color: red. But I thought, how silly, because it's only February, and I am quite certain Mother Nature (or the Highway Department) will just go and change it back again.
Answer: My living room carpet and ceiling. Many, many years ago, my landlord (at the time) had mercy on me and announced he was going to rid my house of the hideous pea-green berber carpeting that SCREAMED 1959. I was thrilled the carpet was going, but less than happy that it was happening over Thanksgiving weekend. Nevertheless, we packed up the living room and went to visit family. When we returned, we were greeted with a

NEW CARPET (THIS COLOR!!) **AND** A MATCHING CEILING, making it very Van Gogh Starry-Starry nightish (sans stars).

Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled, and have looked forward to the day that this stain-magnet is going. Mr. Calendar says its going to get ripped out right before city recycling day in May.
Oh, and as for the "new color" -- it's going to be wood floors, baby. Because that is what this mess is covering up.

Salad: What is your favorite day of the week, and why?
My favorite day of the week wins due to the fact that it is the least suckiest day of the week, which, when you think about it, really isn't a particularly resounding endorsement.
Answer: Friday. How uninspiring, I know. But, it's not Saturday, the day of 1001 errands. It's not Sunday, with its looming dread of the upcoming week. It's not Monday, which is dread incarnate. It's not Tuesday or Thursday, (the commute of death) and it's not Wednesday, the day in between the commute of death, and the day of 457 errands. So, Friday it is. Whee.

Main Course: What Excuse do you use most often?
Now, if I told you, it would instantly rending my excuse ineffectual because then you'd know it was an excuse and not the real deal, and I CAN'T have that happen.
Answer: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I am incapable of choosing just ONE thing. This, coincidentally, may also be the real answer to getting me out of making choices that I cannot make, but you'll never REALLY know... Mwahaha.

Dessert: Name something or someone you feel sorry for
Important note: Sopranos don't really do sorry. It's not in our genetic makeup.
Answer: I pity the fool who doesn't practice for an entire semester and then has to sing for me for their grade.

Friday Feast Meme courtesy of (drumroll, please) Friday's Feast


Sarah said...

Oh, yes, wood floors are in my future, too. Originally my carpet was beige, just exactly the color of baby vomit. They were ripped out and (ack ack) white carpeting put in. Insane, no?

This time it's parquet wood flooring, no discussion, no argument, I don't care HOW expensive it is. Then I'm going to get me one of those little long-haired dogs, and a sturdy leash, and drag my living dust mop from room to room (we call it playtime, darling).

mensch71 said...

5# of cheese made into some fabulous beer cheese soup! (And again - note to self - do NOT read entries while consuming carbonated beverages. Office papers do not like!)