Saturday, February 05, 2005

Make It Three

Next movie viewed: Ray

2005 Oscar Nominations:
Best Costume Design

Best Director

Best Editing

Best Sound Achievement

Best Picture
Best Actor (Jamie Foxx)

I haven't seen any other films with Best Actor nominees, but if there is someone who was better than Jamie Foxx, I'd be surprised. He MADE this film, and was absolutely phenomenal as Ray Charles.

Next Up: Story of the Weeping Camel


TVJ said...

You have been a movie watching maniac!

Anonymous said...

I've been torn about seeing Ray. I want to, and I don't. If it's got your endorsement, I'll re-think it.

Actually, I haven't been in much of a movie mood, lately - I seem to have no attention span whatsoever.

Am enjoying your comments on the movies, though. :)


lifeonhold said...

Ray was great, and Jamie Foxx was excellent. The movie was very entertaining; I particularly loved the four (!) strong women's roles in the movie. And the music.

Sarah said...

So if you were awarding the Oscars, to whom would you give them?