Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Poll

(As if there were any doubts with this one)

The results are IN!

Oh sure, they started soft, but then they grew and grew and grew!

18 Nurses Pregnant after Rest Home Viagra Party!!

(If your results grow and grow and grow for more than 4 hours, see a doctor immediately)

The other loser categories were so pathetically represented, they aren't even worth mentioning. Off with you! Away!! Begone!!!

And now, a New Friday Poll!! Vote Now!!!

Blues Singer Sues Shrink for Making Him Feel Better!!

Do-It-Yourself Stomach Stapling Kit!!

Gassy Ghost Raises a Stink!!

Great News for Beer Drinkers: Suds Make You Smarter!!

Man Kills Mime and Nobody Cares!!

Did you vote yet?



Bozoette said...

Oh, I couldn't choose just ONE! I adore the WWN; especially Ed Anger's column.

TV Junkie said...

Wow. I'm really torn between the Mime story and the stomach stapling one. What to do? What to do?

GreenTuna said...

Vote twice!! Or thrice!!! Or quadfourple times!!!!

Gary said...

Aww, that poor mime! At least I hope it wasn't our MIME!! That would indeed be tragic.

The sad this is, with the way the legal system "works" nowadays, I can see this story actually being true.