Monday, December 03, 2007

Point, Countercomic Point

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I love my daily comics. Some days they greet me with the sidesplitting funny, and other days it's the quiet wry nudge. I even enjoy the horrible comics just to point and laugh at their horribleness. The punch lines that are so unfunny they need to be punched. The dotted paths that meander over the neighborhood and through the house under tables and over sofas on Sunday mornings. See? Stuff like this cracks me up. It's history. It's pop culture. Somewhere in my brain I like to think it is very smart and you might have to know something to get it.

I'm starting to collect more and more online comic sites. Cartoons like this are a little subject-specific, and although I don't live attend the Anglican church in England, I know EXACTLY where this comic is coming from. Thanks, Cartoon Blog.

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Leave it to an online comic like Cat and Girl to use words like oligarchy, meritocracy and BRATZ and still manage to keep the funny. You'll never see anything like this in Garfield or Beetle Bailey, that's for sure.

I could go on and on about all the comics I follow today, and the great sadness I've had to endure when I've lost a friend (Calvin and Hobbes, and The Far Side, come back!). But comics are a double-edged sword, and some days you have to deal with something like THIS below that drives me over the edge.

I. Don't. Get. It. And not to brag, but with advanced degrees in music and a lifetime spent in the field, for me not to understand Frank and Earnest (which exists on a 1st grade level of humor difficulty), well, it's downright embarrassing.

So tell me...please. What's the joke?


annie said...

I think its a reference to the "Baby Mozart" craze?

GreenTuna said...

But where does Rossini come into the mix? And what does it have to do with sandboxes? And why isn't it funny?

annie said...

Its not funny at all. Rossini is another composer whose name the cartoonist could think of in contrast to Mozart. They are in the sandbox because they are babies who listen to "Baby Mozart" but probably not "Baby Rossini." As I said, its not very funny.

Anonymous said...

wondering if I was missing something - I went to the Oracle Google and typed "Rossini Sandbox" - the first hit is a Google group discussing this very cartoon and none of them had a good explanation.
the boy