Sunday, December 09, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... And You Think:

1. Master :: Perfect

2. Tour :: de France

3. Input :: Data

4. Downtown :: That song

5. Pricey :: Expensive

6. Acceptable :: Usually means it really isn't...

7. Terrace :: Patio

8. Sunday :: Day of rest? HA!

9. Payoff :: Result

10. Jack and Jill :: Went up the Hill

The far more interesting thing this week would have been a complete transcription of my train of thought in regards to Item the first. It went something like this:

MASTER? Oh HELL no. Nobody is my master. OK .... "And Commander"... Wait. Isn't that that Russell Crowe Movie? GAWD, I HATE Russell Crowe Movies. OK. Master. Master. Perfect. Wait. People will think it is perfect the adjective instead of perfect the noun. Then they'll think I'm stupid. Master. Master. Nobody is my master. I could put that. Or Hell no. There HAS to be something to go with Master. Maybe "bite me." No....ok, I'll go with "perfect" and spend an entire paragraph explaining myself. Yeah, that works. Hey...who sang that "Downtown song" anyway? Petula Clark, that's who.

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