Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All Good Gifts

First, both the TunaU Men's Basketball team and the TunaU Women's Basketball team made past the field of 64 and the field of 32 in the NCAA championship. Hello Sweet Sixteen! Next up for the Men is ... DUKE. Bleah. Next up for the Women is ... well, somebody. I'm not sure it's been determined yet, since there are another round of games today. But YAY TUNAS. GO TUNAS. RAH RAH RAH.

Second, TinyTuna's Children Choir gave their world premiere of the piece they will be performing in Carnegie Hall in a couple weeks. How was it? Seriously awesome. The kids sang amazingly well, and the entire composition was absolutely magical. I'd link to the stellar review in the newspaper yesterday, except it appears that the newspaper doesn't believe in putting their stellar reviews online. Take my word for it -- it was great.

Lastly. I love books. And I really, REALLY love people who feed my addiction. Thanks to The Zero Boss, Gwendolen Gross, and all the other writers. Check them out. It's good stuff.


Melissa said...

Yay for TinaTuna & Friends!

And YAY for you and the bookness.

I didn't even ATTEMPT that last challenge.

Angel said...

Congratulations on B4B!! You so totally deserved it :)