Thursday, March 17, 2005

Occupational Hazards

Today is Thursday, which means 10-plus (which means closer to 12) hours of teaching. Very shortly I'll be chained to my piano bench, exorting my students to drop their jaws, listen to pitch, and explain the meaning of life as is presented in a three minute song.

My lovely, darling child, on her way to school this morning, decided to read me an excerpt from her mythology book. How thoughtful! Perhaps it was to inspire me to greatness. Perhaps it was in sympathy for my upcoming day in the trenches.

Today's reading was the delightful story of Hercules.

Who, as legend has it, killed snakes by strangling them.
And then he killed his music teacher by smashing him over the head with a lyre.



Anonymous said...

Hmm-I'm thinking maybe a repeat of 5th grade might be a good idea.... I'm still not good with states or capitals (is it "a" or "o" before the l??) and I certainly never knew that Hercules had a music teacher. Sounds like he didn't practice.....

TVJ said...

Wow. Tiny Tuna .. the Princess of Subtle? Heh.