Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday was the Ides of March, and I forgot. But since I didn't eat any Caesar salad, wear a toga, or buy any Ginsu knives, I survived.

Yesterday I taught from 9am until 9pm without a break. Darn students are supposed to give me one courtsey sick-lesson cancellation a day. But in spite of it all, much was accomplished and it was a good day. After driving home, stumbling through the door and inhaling some leftovers, what did I do? Watch American Idol. What else did I do? I took notes. Seriously. I'm a dumbass who doesn't know when to turn it off.

BUT, I'm a sharing dumbass, so for those of you who watched, these were some of my notes:

Jessica Sierra ("You'd Better Shop Around")
Started strong. Weak in the middle. Marginal at the end.

Mikalah Gordon ("Son of a Preacher Man")
Wow. Nasty. Too low. Pick a key. Needs vibrato. Bad Bad Bad.

Constantine Maroulis ("You Made Me So Very Happy")
Wow. This song perfectly fit his voice. Surprising. Oh. Until the last note. Good hunting and fishing there, buddy.

Bo Bice ("Spinning Wheel")
Why do rockers have to carry the entire mic stand around with them wherever they go? It looks like you're taking it for a walk. Sang great.

Scott Savol ("Ain't Too Proud to Beg")
Shlumpfs around the stage like he is shopping in the toilet paper aisle. Sang ok.

Who SHOULD go?
Mikalah Gordon.

Who WILL go?
I'm still thinking Mikalah, although I wouldn't be surprised to see several others (Jessica Sierra, Lindsey Cardinale or Nikko Smith (again)) take the walk of shame.

Best Simonism of the night:
"Your confidence exceeded your ability."

Today is St. Urho's day. UrWHO? UrHO! Some say that with a pitchfork raised, he drove the grasshoppers into the sea, thus saving Finland's grape crop and the drunken revelry that would most assuredly ensue. Others say it was poisonous frogs. Some credit his prowess to fish soup and sour milk. Someone even wrote an ODE. Whatever the real story may be, it seems the entire mess is Minnesota's fault, and if you ask me, it's just an excuse to get cranking on St. Patrick's Day 24 hour ahead of time. Oh, and you're supposed to wear purple. Me? Yeah, I'm in pink and navy.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. Corned beef, cabbage, and that abomination known as green beer will abound. I, however, will be celebrating the greeniest day of the year by exerting my will upon others! (AKA teaching) Maybe some of the green beer wouldn't be so bad afterall. Tomorrow also begins NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. The TunaU Men face off against old Dominion on Friday night, while the TunaU Women (number one seed, baby) play their opening round on Saturday afternoon.

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Mrs. Wonderful said...

I'm so glad to have you watch AI with me. I'm already loving Nadia Turner. You heard it here first.