Thursday, March 31, 2005

Presto Presto

1. Little Shop of Horrors Surprise -- Awesome.
Wide-eyed stare, "Who are THESE FOR?"
.... moment pause .... "WHAT DAY IS TODAY??"
It was great.

2. Little Shop of Horrors Show -- Very good.
She loved it.

3. Awake at 4:30 am?

4. Tearful goodbye at bus = "Seeya mom" as she runs for the bus.

5. Survivor Fantasy Team picked?
Check. Though I hate having to commit this early. I'm the Queen of Tweaking.

It's time to pack and dash. I'll be thinking of all of you as I drive the coma-inducing Ohio, the police-filled Pennsylvania and wherever else the car takes us today. No doubt I'll be checking in from the Big Apple.


Mrs. Wonderful said...

YAY! Go Tiny! have a great, safe trip!

Wonder Boy's choir will be joining the Portland boy choir in a concert here this weekend. nd this week all the moms of the new choristers were advised that camp will be in July, and *if* we're hoping our child will someday tour, camp is an ad hoc prerequisite. Gulp.

Love the bit about Fluffy!

Kat said...

Say hi to my Ohio Turnpike peeps as you drive through.

I hope TT's performance goes wonderfully!

Melissa said...

Go, TinyTuna!

And safe journey to all the Tunas.

Love the part about fluffy.

TV Junkie said...

Have a safe trip. And you are still kicking butt in the survivor league. Even if I had the "first interview" bonus for Steph, you'd still beat me. (Which I did think I had, but I was a liiiiittle to clicky-clicky with the mouse and ended up with "first interviewed at TC". stupid stupid stupid.

TT .. Break a leg (but, not literally).

FerfeLaBat said...