Saturday, March 19, 2005

Smells Like The Holy Spirit

I know God is everywhere. God is my co-pilot, and I don't even fly a plane. God is in bracelets, asking us in his best holy Jiminy Crickettness to listen to our conscious and ask, What Would Jesus Do? God is a movie star. God also takes the time to make guest appearances in pretzels, grilled cheese, and other various manners of snack food.

Now you can purchase candles that smell like Jesus.


Mensch71 said...

"Eau de Wiggly Toes". 'Nuff said.

GreenTuna said...

EWWWW! And Ha!! Happy Holy Week to You. May Your Donkey Make it around the block this time. HaHahahahahaha

Gary said...

Well, it DOES say that in Psalm 45, like the article says. I'm actually a little curious about what it smells like. It sounds kind of nice - but of course, what else would you expect??

TVJ said...

What? How? What?