Friday, March 04, 2005

Quick Hits

Team Tuna took a big hit last night in Survivor Fantasy last night, in part because I fell victim to second-guessing, and changed one of my bonus categories at the last minute.

Congrats, props and the like to TVJunkie, Buffyvol and Honeylife, who made BIG strides this week. The competition, as they say, is AWWWN!

If you heard loud screaming at approximately 9:55pm last night, that would have been me as I heard newly-fired Audrey say in dreamy dulcet tones, "At least Mr. Trump said I was pretty." This, of course, came after she spent the ENTIRE episode cussing out her team for saying that ... she was pretty.

It's half day number 2 of 4 today, and I'm taking an extra long lunch so I can thrill to the dramatic readings of Governor Hutchinson, Samuel Adams and Various narrators as I watch the 5th grade presentation of The Boston Tea Party. TinyTuna Hutchinson will be in full garb, with a red blazer, a white puffy shirt, big buckles on the shoes, and a nobleman's hat, that upon close inspection would be an incognito pirate hat, cleverly disguised by covering the skull and crossbones with a black velvet scrunchy.


TV Junkie said...

I just happened to select "takes a nap" as a bonus category for Ibe, which was lucky, because I think those were my first bonus points scored. I don't know how some of those other teams have so many points!

Bozoette said...

Black velvet scrunchies were all the rage back then, you know.