Sunday, May 02, 2004


That's right one and all, I have survived my excursion to Yooperland, complete with stories of green beans, locks without keys, little horses, and (of course) The Edmund Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, I'm about five minutes from passing out completely (four with good spelling and punctuation), so all stories will have to wait until tomorrow. Three days finds me frighteningly behind in online reading, but I did scan several important Blogs, and I'm astounded that nobody mentioned a certain Survivor Fantasy Team standings.

We're...No...I'M Number Two!

Rank--Team Name--Score

1 -- buffs4vol -- 3123

2 -- GreenTuna -- 3086

3 -- VivaLaFisty -- 2970

4 -- Honeylife -- 2945

5 -- copssister -- 2830

6 -- Amazingrace -- 2711

7 -- The Sketch Factor -- 2669

8 -- Snappie -- 2448

I'm getting the gloating in while I can, since I'm sure Karma is going to do a drive by and bite me in the butt in the next week or so. I figure I'm a fantasy league version of Puxtatawney Phil, peeking out for a bit of sunlight before I crawl back into the hole again. Still in all, Buffs better be on the lookout. If you hear an "OW, My Knees!" and "Why me...Whyyyyy?" well, I'm telling you right now, I had nothing to do with it.

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