Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Onward and Upward!

Enough tweaking for now. I'm happy with lots of things, although with my resolution settings, I get a big wad of wasted space on the right hand side. I've emailed Blogger about various things, including the "Anonymous Comments" issue, so we'll see where that gets us. Most likely nowhere fast.

In the meantime, I've added several more links of sites I have stumbled across and added to my collection of daily diversions. You might want to check out:

The Ocracoke Journal

For those interested in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, Islands and Pirates, this is the site for you. Brief updates near daily keep Ocracoke Island close at hand. Vacation, I hear you calling. I do believe in ferrys! I do! I do!!


Over the years I've learned that librarians are smart, funny and a dangerous crowd. Keep us happy, or you'll never find that obscure citation in that big blue book on the top shelf. We know where ALL the blue books are, and will hide them when provoked. Knowledge is power. Fear the librarian!


I previously mentioned the APOD web site (Astronomy Picture of the Day). Photography sites fascinate me. What can't you do with a camera these days?


Bring me one. But not that one. Please, just take that one away.


GreenTuna said...

Well, no more tweaking except making the title a little bigger...and making the background white instead of beige...and making the text black instead of brown....Stop the madness!

Hammie said...

I think it looks great, GT!

lifeonhold said...

The BLUE background on your journal text makes the text IMPOSSIBLE to read. Really!

TV Junkie said...

I can read the links in the blue column fine. (1:33pm pst)


GreenTuna said...

Blue where? I have a blue bar with the links. You're getting blue with the text? It should be white for pete's sake....

GreenTuna said...

Life, see if this is better, ok? I changed the code from "white" to the alpha/numberic code. Hope this works.

Anonymous said...

Many,many thanks for the Okracoke Journal link. I don't think I'll get a damn work related thing done today and I don't care!

Ypsilanti, Michigan

irlandez said...

hi, GT! off-topic question: how come you truncated tuna_news' atom feed?

it's just that i like reading online content offline, and i've been missing chunks of your posts because i've only been getting the excerpts lately. :(

how about toggling the atom feed setting? please? ;)

GreenTuna said...

Atom feed has been switched back. Thanks for the heads up!