Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Patience, Grasshopper

You might be thinking that I would have written something by now. But I haven't. And now I'm going to lunch which means you have to wait some more. Feel the power!

Except that now, I guess I have written something. Which is that I haven't written anything yet. But I will after lunch. I promise.

But you want something now? OK.

First of all, I only saw the last five minutes of American Idol because I don't care much anymore. In the battle of the 10-second sound clips, Jasmine was the worst, Diana ran a close second and Fantasia was OK. Which means Fantasia goes today and Jasmine wins the whole shebang.

She Bang!

Secondly, I think I'm very glad that I didn't live in Colonial America. After watching the PBS Colonists deal with the various punishments du jour by wearing a letter which represented their particular sin, I'm certain I would have been a walking advertisement for Alphabet Soup.

Speaking of soup, lunch calls.

1 comment:

TVJ said...

She Bang! She Bang! See? William Hung should win.