Friday, May 21, 2004

U is for Fuuud

In a very Thank Jehovah kind of way, it is Friday, which means it is food Friday. Our culinary Captienne, The Friday Chef has declared -- alphabetically speaking -- U is for USA.

This is a very cool idea. If you speak mitten food, then you must speak of the Pasty. You could also have some .... pastys ... and then maybe a ... pasty ... for dessert. Pastys are essentially leftovers gift wrapped in a grab-n-eat pie dough kind of thing. Personally, I would lay odds on the fact that pie dough wasn't used as a convention of portability, but rather as a means to disguise the "critter du jour".

Ergo, I'm not giving you pasty recipes. And remember folks, it's Paaah-stee, not PAY-stee. That is an important distinction.

Instead, I bring you U is for Unknown.

Here is a little quiz. How many brand name foods can you identify by a single letter from the label? Let me know how you do with that one (for Pete's sake!) and I'll be back with more.


Hammie said...

Okay, I suck... I got three.

I could have sworn that "F" was from Jif Peanut Butter but it wouldn't take it!

GreenTuna said...

I have noticed that the game is extra persnickity with the answers. You are correct, but you have to spell it with one "f" (and I believe also omit the rest of the answer) before it takes it. I had a similar problem with "s" -- I knew it, but it took me about 5 tries to answer in a form it would accept.

TV Junkie said...

Damn you TOOONA! I suck at the grocery game .. I got like 4 or 5. I know that "K" was Nestle Quick, but I'm obviously spelling it wrong. I got all but two on the automobile logo - and that REALLY pissed me awwffff!



Snappie said...

I love this game, but I hate it at the same time! Thanks, Tooona...I know what I'll be doing the rest of my day!

Anonymous said...

I got 7 correct, but will attempt to figure out more of them. Thanks for the diversion!

babyfishfel said...

I only got 6 that it would accept. But I am sure I know three others. Man, that's hard.