Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Things that crash for $200

Major props to The Friday Chef for providing the link to Crash Bonsai, a website both timely and hysterical.

Nothing like "little living car crash sculptures" crashing into Bonsai trees to put a smile on your face. All that's missing from the scene of the accident is an Origami Boulder landslide. I'd support the artistic endeavors of Crash artist John Rooney, but at $125 a pop, I figure I could melt hotwheels all by myself.

Early this morning I was once again bounced out of bed, but for the first time in several days, it was not because of thunder. It was the sound of Squeel...Screech...BOOM as the light post across the street bit it for the second time this year.

After doing a full Gladys Kravitz with a twist

I was sure everyone was OK, and saw the driver using her cell phone to call for backup. Three police cars, one fire truck and one tow truck later, the vehicle formerly known as Van -- now known as Parts -- was towed away and the chunks of street light were removed.

Another restful evening.

Finally, speaking of things that crash. Some readers have been trouble accessing this website. It seems that for some reason, the "www" portion of the URL makes Mr. Internet unhappy. So, if you've linked to this site, be sure the URL reads: http://greentuna.blogspot.com, and I'll be here to blog another day.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the site.
The Gladys visual is great!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That was me. $@&* sign in form!


Anonymous said...

The Sketch Factor is experiencing www problems as well. I was starting to think I had pissed everyone off!