Sunday, December 10, 2006

Da Capo al Fine

My brain is exhausted
I can't keep my eyes open
The weight of the weekend's activities have pinned me to the mat.

The calendar shows no improvement
Another seven days to survive
Four more performances
Five more rehearsals
And this doesn't include school.

How do we do it?
Why do we do it?

If you went to the concert today you'd understand.
The kids so obviously moved by their art.
Words and music wash over and through them.
Sometimes swaying, sometimes smiling and bopping their heads.
A twinkle in their eye. Joy unbounded.

And yet they are like a laser beam. More than focused.
Rounded vowels. Beautiful sounds.
One voice. Always one voice.

Precision. Perfection.
Performance Professionals.

But at concert's end,
after the final bows
and the applause fades away
Congratulations are shared
giggles return
kids once more.
Magical transformation.

We'll do it all again tomorrow.

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