Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've always been big on the idea of being a team.

This has nothing to do with sports. This has to do with the idea of banding together to live, thrive and survive in the insanity we call life. Ever since TinyTuna was little, I've always talked about how we are a team. How the two of us are a strong force. How we work together. How we care for each other. How we are unstoppable.

Call it propaganda if you will, but these big tough words are necessary. I never want her to feel like she is facing the world alone. I never want to feel that way either. Deep down I think, nobody does.

Everyone should have the luxury -- no, the right -- to feel as if they have someone on their side. It's not always about tilting at windmills. Sometimes it's as simple as having someone to laugh with, or cry with. Someone to do crossword puzzles with during lunch, or someone to share a Law and Order marathon on a Friday night. Other times it's bigger, like having someone to hold you up when unbearable days turn into unending nights. The unknown can be dark and scary. It's so much easier to be brave when someone else is nearby.

Usually when we go about forming our team we tend to look for THE ONE. Call it significant other, call it mate, call it spouse, whatever it may be, we tend to think THE ONE is the only one we need and we forget about or ignore everyone else. Super team -- table for two. And if you think about it, this makes no sense at all. There aren't super powers in being super exclusionary. The simple fact is, THE ONE cannot be THE ALL. The one is only and can only be one. So then what?

Open your eyes and look around. There are people ready, willing and able to be on your team. Some will instinctively sense when they're needed. Others might not know and will need to be asked. Some will rush right in and others may not be able to help at the moment. That's OK. You can't have hundreds of players on the field all at the same time. Valuable support can also come from the sidelines.

When times get tough, the unknown takes over and in this inky darkness it's hard to see that you aren't alone. Call out for others; ask for help. Your team might be family or friends, teachers, peers, acquaintances...even strangers. Do whatever it takes, accept whoever it is. Even if it's only one, you've doubled your forces and you aren't alone.

Watch out, windmills.


Mensch71 said...

Tears before caffeine. Thanks. XOXO

bozoette said...

Yes! Absolutely yes!

Anonymous said...

Yay Team!
the boy