Monday, December 11, 2006

Take A Letter

Todays writing prompt from the Holidailies crew is Those Mass Produced Family Holiday Newsletters. Unsurprisingly, I don't have a single family holiday newsletter to share, because let's face it: The Tuna Clan isn't exactly a Mass Produced Holiday Newsletter kind of family. The closest we ever got to being remotely traditional was to get together a few years back to take a massive family picture. Of course you know the Tuna Spirit was with us. With each picture an enormous flash would go off, the room would go dark for a few seconds and then 4-year old Nephew Tuna would shout CREEPY!! at the top of his lungs. This continued with each subsequent shot for the next 45 minutes, until all twelve of us were saying it and laughing like idiots. Good times.

I must admit a tiny part of me admires someone who has the ability to whittle the past 365 days into a First Class 39-cent epic. I couldn't be that brief if you muzzled me and chopped off all my fingers. And then there is the whole problem of remembering. A whole year? Multiple people? Good Lord, people, I can't remember what I did three days ago, much less last March. But in the spirit of giving it the old college try, here is my first (and most likely last) attempt at a Mass Produced Family Holiday Newsletter.

Two Thousand Six has come and gone
Our basement's dry. We're blessed.

We painted rooms and ripped up grass
and yardwork was our quest.

This year our ocean holiday
had weather that was best.

The kid became a "pre-adult"
our sanity to test.

We've still two cats and I've a Scout
and as for all the rest,

You'll have to read my archives for
these letters I detest.


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Oh, hilarious!