Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Morning After

Things I learned while travelling today:

1. According to my Trivial Pursuit cards, bowling was a popular sport in Ancient Egypt. Somehow, I cannot see King Tut knocking down a few frames.

2. If you're in Pennsylvania, the probability of crappy weather is equal to the probability the day has a "Y" in it.

3. Nobody in Michigan was working today. They were all driving. East. Right in front of me.

4. Maryland traffic continues to be a mystery wrapped in a 95 mph enigma. Traffic jams happen instantaneously for no apparent reason whatsoever. After sitting and not moving or creeping along at 10 mph, there will suddenly be open road. All the cars in front of you have disappeared and there is no evidence of accident. It's just plain weird.

5. Despite all the adventures in travelling, we're happy to be safe and sound with family.


bozoette said...

You are exactly right about Maryland. It's confounded me since I learned to drive.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Michigan drivers! I have developed an intense dislike of them. Why do they spend so much time in Pennsylvania? It's one of the Mysteries of Life.