Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Merry Gigmas

Because end of semester exhaustion, joyous freaking holiday season exhaustion, and Oh God, ANOTHER CONCERT?!!? exhaustion has hit with a vengeance, my output tonight takes the form of the humble haiku.

Enjoy. Or not.
I might be too tired to notice either way.

Twelve Days of Christmas
One million gigs. "Which song, when?"
"Blah-Blah-Noel" works.

Singing monkeys know,
The manger needs bananas.
It's a long, long month."

Come On, Ye Faithful!
Gigs go much better with a
Merry Gentleman.

Despite my long day,
I still managed to get me
a bit of cowbell.

For those who just gasped,
The cow (and bell) were featured
in a Christmas Song.

Bet Baby Jesus
thought, "This manger needs one thing:
It needs more cowbell!"

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nk said...



You always get me with the cowbell.