Saturday, December 09, 2006

That Was The Year That Was

Currently gallivanting through the pipes of the Internets -- Take the first line from the first blog of the month (not including memes) and list them here, giving you a review of the past twelve fun-filled months:

Today the Tuna clan ventured forth to TunaU to watch the Lady Spartunas demolish the visiting University of Michigan Wolverines on the basketball court (77-44 for those keeping score. Like me).
**This year we learned that Women's Basketball is a great way to spend an afternoon and is a good bargain to boot. We hope to hit a couple games this season as well.

It's teaching day again, and half of the college appears to have the plague.
**Why am I complaining? Sick students means a possibility of grabbing some LUNCH.

We were able to sneak out while TinyTuna was at rehearsal and we saw Capote.
**It's hard to find time to get out and see grown-up movies. Capote was a great film.

Yes, today is the big 1-2 for TinyTuna. I would like to point out, however, that even as of now -- a little after 3:00 pm -- there was NO TinyTuna.
**Poor kid. Will I ever stop complaining about 36 hours of labor and her being three weeks late? Magic Eight Ball say "Outlook Unlikely".

This morning TinyTuna and I had another episode of "Good God, she's twelve, and neither one of us is going to see thirteen."
**Wow. Same song. 97th verse.

TinyTuna has always been a fairly savvy concert-goer. This is because she has been dragged here, there and everywhere since she was a much tinier TinyTuna.
**So where did I drag her this time? To a BAR.

Lately TinyTuna has been picking up on my (sometimes bad) habit of public commentary.
**It is incredibly satisfying to bust others for your bad habits.

This past weekend Tuna Clan joined forces with PeaceTuna, climbed into the Peacemobile (very nice) and drove to Flint, Michigan for an afternoon folk music concert.
**Carrie Newcomer. New favorite. Still love her.

There will be no sister kissing today.
**Does this really need any explanation? This was one of only a handful of football games the Spartunas managed to win this season.

Yesterday afternoon, after sitting/napping through Open Season (MPF!), Scout, TinyTuna and I returned home to catch a little TV and play a couple of games.
**In which we learn that a "premature accusation" is NOT a good thing.

Thursdays are long, LONG days.
**And this is news?

I'm having a love-hate relationship with noise.
**Sometimes life needs a giant MUTE button.

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Anonymous said...

After bitching about your long absences, I think it only proper that I thank you for your recent "presences". I do enjoy your blog. You are one funny AND wise woman!

May you and all the Tunas enjoy the music!!