Monday, December 18, 2006

I've Got a Little List

Tonight I had, had, HAD to come up with some sort of Christmas List for those who demand such things. I worked on this while half-watching Flight 93 on A&E which was (and is, because it's still on) followed by some documentary on the same subject. Is there some anniversary of which I am unaware? I'm not asking for Frosty and Rudolph every night, but this does nothing for my holiday cheer, which is already dancing on the edge.

From a commercial standpoint, my list is a complete and utter failure. I didn't include anything that would bolster the economy in any significant way. No ponies, no computers, no Wiis for Miis. I managed to stumble across a couple of interesting sounding books on Amazon (Thanks, Top 50 list!) but besides that and a couple of local gift certificates, everybody is pretty much on their own.

And then, for no particular reason, my brain took an entirely different track, and I came up with what I think are some cool ideas. Here are some things worth asking for*. Feel free to steal any of these ideas. I'm thinking I just may do the same myself.

A favorite new recipe
A favorite family recipe
A good book you've read and would like to share
A picture from the past year
A picture from long ago
A packet of seeds I should be sure to plant next year.

*sorry about ending the sentence with a preposition, Mom

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see how getting a tin of Bag Balm would ruin your ability to think of any other gifts!
the boy