Thursday, January 06, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

It's my turn to wave a fond farewell to the gang at Holidailies. For my first outing I think I did alright, and managed to post every day except one. And honestly, I was going to post that day, but I was out of town, and had to drive and drive and drive and shop and drive and drive and drive and drive and open presents and drive and drive and see Christmas Lights and drive and drive and drive and drive back again because we forgot to get all the presents for everybody back home and drive and drive and drive and miss the deer but oooh we have to look at them first and drive and drive and drive some more and drive and drive and not speed because in Calvert County, you're not only an idiot if you're speeding after 11pm, you're an idiot in jail if you are speeding after 11pm.

Or so I hear.

And now, a few words of thanks

[GreenTuna pulls out a crumpled piece of paper out of her Swan Dress and puts on $1.99 Rite-Aid magnifying Granny glasses]

Thank you to the site hosts and the illustrious albeit invisible panel of judges.

Thank you to Perpetual Blonde, from whose website I saw the original link and stole the idea so I could be a cool kid too. Oh, and she has inspired me to learn how to do something other than knit stitch the rest of my life.

[Music begins to play as the conductor makes that HURRY UP NOBODY CARES motion]

[Puts on her angry eyes and glares because NOBODY puts GreenTuna in the corner] Thank you to a whole bunch of sites whom I now have added to my list of daily reads via Bloglines. You all rock.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- In all seriousness, If your site doesn't have a syndicated feed -- Hey, I'm not done yet! -- please consider adding one. I love my Bloglines, and I promise to devote daily goof off time to your site (complete with comments!) if you have an RSS feed.

[Music plays even louder as conductor does that whole finger across the throat motion but Mwahhahaha!! I am Volcano! And Volcano -- like Tiger Hand -- beats finger across the throat]

Lastly but never leastly, thanks for visiting and commenting. If you haven't had the chance to comment, there's still time! And leave an email address!! I love you! !! I love you all!!!! OK, OK, Stop shoving! I'm going already...

Music Swells...

Fade to black ...

Good show, people.

That's a wrap.


TVJ said...

Excellent job (as always).

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

I must say, I loved your dress. That plunging back, the train, the Harry Winston diamante opera length gloves... just lovely lovely. So unusual to find on the Red Carpet. Back to you, Chet!

"Stay alive! I will find you!" (name that film)

Write when you get work...

Anonymous said...

And see, by this time next year, you'll be wearing a dress you knit yourself! - PB

Sarah said...

Wait, GT, you forgot your boa and your bejeweled diadem! Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to keep them myself for the next time I want to be hyper, hyperbolic, diabolic, diadem ridden. I enjoyed holidailies this year too and next year I'm going to participate for real.

Anonymous said...

You know, YOU rock, too :)

Thanks for your note - I've added your blog to the collection of folks I read, as well. I have to say, I really enjoyed this entry - perfect wrap-up entry.

(I also got a kick out of your comment, a couple entries ago, about the emergency email never recommending a shovel in the car - I remember when we lived in South Dakota, never leaving home without the snow shovel in the back of the car.)