Monday, January 10, 2005

Good God

I don't think we do natural disasters very well.

When fires start, we look for an arsonist. When buildings fall down, we search for terrorists. When cars crash or disease ravages populations, we look to external forces to explain away our questions and our pain.

But when earthquakes happen, and huge walls of water cause destruction beyond our comprehension, we find ourselves at a loss. We've gotten very good at explaining the how, but have no real answers for the why.

So, in the absence of any other explanations, God has been getting a lot of press.

Larry King and his panel of experts played a bit of the blame game, wondering, "Where was God?" Meanwhile, the Southern Baptists are rejoicing at the "Phenominal Opportunity" God has given them to convert the non-believers by rebuilding towns complete with Christian Churches in the center. Need someone to blame? Need to find a deeper sense of faith? Need extra ammo against people and lifestyles? These days, The Almighty is your one-stop shopping source.

Why does there have to be a why? Or more importantly, why do we spend all our time debating the unanswerable, when there are real things -- right now things -- that can and should be done to help, all without benefit of philosophical discussions, debate or blame?

Listen quietly. Help without judgment or agenda. By working and living selflessly, whatever is sacred within you will shine through and help to heal the wounds of this world.

End of discussion.


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Gary said...
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Gary said...

Good post, Tuna. Yes, sometimes bad stuff just happens. It's interesting though, that it's during these times that people's best qualities are brought out.

Cindy said...

Do you mean that I am not supposed to take this event and turn it to all about me?

lifeonhold said...

Nicely put, it would be a better world, what would we do for DRAMA?