Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Crafting Horrors

Look what crafting horrors I found in the new books section of the Cross Stitch Emporium! With the winners like these, I may have to make this a monthly show-and-tell feature so none of us miss a single treasure.

Nominee Number One: "Old Friends"

Someone here is not clear on the concept of hobbies. For the uninformed, hobbies are things that you do as a pleasant diversion to your otherwise wretched day. Hobbies are things you do -- not because you have to -- but because you want to. That is, unless one has to complete the wretched holy needlepoint so one can go to heaven. But Nobody...NOBODY wants to cross stitch their laundry.

Nominee Number Two: "Winter Grows on You"

"Look mom! A decapitated snowman bush!"

Nominee Number Three: "Mirror Mirror"

This one isn't a horror at all. In fact, it's awesome! I love it when designers can mock their own industry. I might have to hunt this sampler down....

Want more crafting horrors? Try - November, 2004


G said...

My crafty friend has been sending me cross stich patterns of Lord of the Rings actors. Apparently there's a booming Dominic Monaghan Cross stich portrait industry...

TVJ said...

I dunno. Those jeans look pretty comfy.

lifeonhold said...

Thank you for making me feel good about never taking up stitchery.

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

My favorites are the big-eyed children with sad faces.

Or clowns. Sad clowns.

Big-eyed clowns with sad faces. And infected feet.

I winced when Mr. Wonderful dispatched the latch-hook rug I did in the 10th grade to the garage sale/Salvie bin. It was a winter birch forest with a big orange sun setting, and six or seven birds flying in silhouette. But I mean, after 20-something years, it was time. Now it's next to someone's cross-stitched sad clowns in the den somewhere.