Thursday, January 20, 2005


It was a day that I was glad I was busy doing other things. While people marched and paraded and partied and gave their solemn oaths to the tune of millions of dollars, I spent the day immersed in music and poetry -- you know, those activities that enrich your soul, but not necessarily your wallet.

I know that many were excited to see the start of another four-year Bush administration. Despite my overwhelming doubts, I hope that somehow we as a nation will be no worse for wear on January 20, 2009. Despite my overwhelming fears, I hope that somehow we as a nation will be at peace with the world, rather than a nation enforcing peace with soldiers, bombs and guns. Despite my overwhelming disappointment with the current rhetoric, I hope that somehow the ideas of consensus and compromise will not be trampled by the egocentric notions of having a mandate and spending political capital.

Many are excited at today's Inauguration. Despite the euphoria, remember there are those who hurt. Remember there are those who feel disenfranchised and betrayed. Remember there are those who are hungry and poor. Remember there are over one thousand wives and husbands, sons and daughters who will never have the chance to see another parade, celebrate a nation and applaud -- or protest -- a sitting president.

Today, half of America is happy.
Today, half of America is very, very sorry.

Your move, Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful words you've posted. :) I spent the day in quiet pursuits, as well, with music and poetry, and much thought.

I thought about watching the inauguration, in much the same way that one feels compelled to watch a train wreck or bad reality tv - with repulsed fascination, but ultimately decided it was safer for my sanity (and the stability of the glass in the tv screen) if I did not.

--Miss Meliss

Jay Ann Cox, PhD said...

Preach on, sistah!

TVJ said...

And as those images bring the pain rushing back into my heart .. I have to say ..

I'm Sorry.