Friday, January 28, 2005

Swimmin' in the Oscar Pool

Yes, the Oscar nominations are up, and once again, I've seen precisely ZERO "Best Film" nominations. Add to that the fact that I've seen precisely ZERO Best Actors, ZERO Best Actresses, ZERO Best Supporting Actors, ZERO Best Supporting Actresses and ZERO Best Directors, gives you a pretty good idea of where I'm sitting this year with approximately one month until trophy time.

In fact, unless it's a nomination associated with The Incredibles, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter (Azkaban Flavored), Shrek 2, Shark Tale, or Polar Express, I'm Carnac the Magnificent with an envelope plastered to my forehead.


BUT, that will not stop me from starting my very own online Oscar Pool, and inviting each and every one of you to play along.

So, sometime before whenever the Oscar Awards are passed out (sometime in February and NOT in March, because Lord knows we MUST keep the BUZZ alive), swim on over to

GreenTuna's Oscar Pool Page

and mark your ballot.

Keep in mind this is no wimpy 5-category and out Oscar form. Nosiree, it's all 24 categories. Heck, I'd make us vote on the Kodak Theatre Scientific Awards presented the night before by whomever drew the short straw this year -- but they weren't listed, so consider yourself lucky.

That page again is, GreenTuna's Oscar Pool Page

Or, you can head on over to The Defective Yeti Oscar Page

and input the 10-digit code: 6120285159.

Thanks to the Defective Yeti for pulling this together.

May the best guesser win.

Edited to clarify: You're voting for who WILL win, not who you wish WOULD win. All ballot stuffing for personal gains should be done over at the Weekly World News poll, at the top right sidebar.


TV Junkie said...

Are we choosing who we think WILL win, or who we think SHOULD win?

lifeonhold said...

I've seen Zero movies, but feel fully qualified to vote. I guess I voted for the entries I thought would win since I have no horse in this race.

mensch71 said...

Am I in charge of making the tin foil statues this year? Gawd. The Oscar party. (Runs off to check flights home for that weekend too.) BTW Prez Day checks out with the Boy. Will commune with the online gods for a decent flight.