Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Teaching Day Post of Lame-itude

11:15 pm -- Now that I'm home wrapped in my blankey and tippety typing on Bessie, I'm able to link my brains out and provide a little commentary.

Yep. This is the best I can do with ten minutes in between students. I can't link, because I'm on Beelzebub's iMac, and FYI for all you out there, THE WORLD IS GOING TO END BECAUSE MY OFFICEMATE ACTUALLY PICKED UP IN THE STUDIO OVER BREAK.

Play the lottery, bet the ponies, because this has happened exactly never in twelve years.

Today's lack of post is a meme (I love that word) courtesy of Peekaboo, to which I'll have to link later. It's the "first line of the month" meme. Oh the memories. Oh the socks. Some of lines are funnier than others, but it's great to look back at a year's worth of drivel. Can you guess what I was talking about?

January, 2004

For those of you stumbling around, looking for hairs of dogs, let me say it a little quieter:

{{{happy new year}}}

Not many points for creativity here. *Yawn*

February, 2004

It's a CAPS LOCK leaned over might as well make it bold to boot SUPER SUNDAY!

Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday. Two teams played and one of them won. The commercials were better than anything else, and following the game was the first episode of Survivor All-Stars. Rupert and Richard and Susan, Oh my!

March, 2004

Well, it seems I'm going to hit sixteen out of twenty-four.

I had to look this one up, because I don't remember going postal on large groups of people. In fact, I was referring to ... The Oscars. My guesser wasn't so great in 2004. Maybe I should have actually SEEN all those Hobbitt movies? Or even one?

April, 2004

Oh.My.God. I told you if I put the shovels away that we would get a dumping of snow, didn't I?

Technically two sentences. Or Four. Tough

You know what sucks? Freak snowstorms in April. You know what rocks? Tricking your child with the same tired freak snowstorm joke from 2003 and having it totally work again. No mercy on April 1, people.

May, 2004

That's right one and all, I have survived my excursion to Yooperland, complete with stories of green beans, locks without keys, little horses, and (of course) The Edmund Fitzgerald.

If the post has The Edmund Fitzgerald in it, you know it's got the Tuna stamp of approval.

June, 2004

How pathetic is it when I need to go to work to recover from my weekend?

Two weeks until vacation, and my weekend was crammed with Commando Gardening, doing the Open House Shuffle and dancing the Clean House Dilusional Polka. I travelled through the three stages of domestic depression: "I can do it. I am strong...I have two weeks. I'm sunk."

July, 2004

Today it is time to update my list of referrals.

Referrals are always a cheap and easy post. But stop with the Kirstie Allie searches, OK?

August, 2004

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.....

When business as usual -- baseball, hotdogs and apple pie -- is supplanted by security forces, bomb-sniffing dogs and a color-coded terror system.

September, 2004

I'm not gone, just swamped.

Ahh, the beginning of another collegiate school year -- where 45,000 show up for dinner, and then don't leave for another 8 months.

October, 2004

Photo and caption courtesy of Rising Hegemon.

Ahh, the first of the presidential debates. The "petulant chimp" look was a personal favorite of mine. And before you Shrub aficionados get your undies in a bundle, remember you got the last laugh -- your chimp won the election.

November, 2004

In the Spirit of Halloween, a Haunted House opened near TunaU.

2004 seemed to be the year of the Ugly American, who lived the 'do as I say, not as I do' lifestyle. There were many times I would have like to whomped entire populations with a clue stick: "It's about time we started treating our existence as a blessing and not an entitlement."

December, 2004

Hermey wants to be a dentist.

(AND he missed Elf practice ... AND he doesn't want to make toys)

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Just what does "meme" mean anyway? My French language training keeps making me read the English equivalent "same", but that doesn't seem to make sense...