Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday Poll

Thanks to the in-depth research of butt-cheek art, I also made an amazing discovery: The Weekly World News is online.

Do you realize what this means?

Friday polls! Which is the best article of the week?

1. Chicken Soup for the Ho
2. Pot of Pot Found at the End of the Rainbow
3. Why Beer is Better than Tea
4. One in Ten Drivers You Pass on the Road are Naked from the Waist Down
5. Scientist Reveals: Thunder Caused by Fat People Doing Jumping Jacks

Vote early. Vote often. Jam the ballot box with your favorite.
Polls close Thursday, January 20th at midnight.
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Very cool polling code courtsey of Blogpoll


Kat said...

OK, I want to vote. Where am I voting?

Margaret said...

Thank you for the link to the 'educational' site!! Now I can read it without being embarrased.

Tank you, Tuna!!

Kat said...

*smacks self on head*
Oh, you mean the obviously-placed poll on your sidebar?
I iz a dork.

Anonymous said...

Beer is better than tea!
absolutely....the part about the pig dying drinking tea but thriving on beer...well that's got to be a credible study!

hey, if you think your commute is bad, my friend who lives in the L.A. area sent me this--blocking her way to work and forcing her into a 2-3 hour commute!


bozoette said...

How wonderful! Now I follow Batboy's exploits online!