Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Feast Tag-Team

TinyTuna has so many posts saved to draft (mom's rule) that I need to catch up and clean out a bit, so this Friday Feast is a two-fer. I didn't look at her answers before I wrote mine, so it will be interesting to see how they match up.

Appetizer: What are you proud of?
Greentuna: Good Lord. Making it through another day? Not falling asleep, bashing my head into the keyboard and lapsing into a coma today at work? No. It must be finding (and wearing) clean and matching socks. Huzzah!
TinyTuna: Singing "On the Transmigration of Souls" with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
(Greentuna: She should be proud. They are doing amazing work. It makes my matching socks and no-coma Friday look pretty sad in comparison)

Soup: What is the best thing you've ever won as a prize?
Greentuna: Much better story: What is the WORST thing you've ever won as a prize. I have far more worst prize stories than best prize stories (which should give you a clue as to the nature of my very existence).
Worst Prize Number One: Once, I believe in middle school, there was some sort of school carnival type event. In the gym there was a large circle of chairs set up for a Cake Walk. This is where you walk around the chairs while music plays and when it stops you sit in the chair. Then somebody draws a number, and if you're sitting in that chair, you win a cake. Me? I won. Too bad I don't like cake.
Worst Prize Number Two: I did it again and won another one.
Worst Prize Number Three: Back in the olden days, as a bride to be, I ran around a local mall during the weekend bridal show and entered my name to win anything and everything I could. Lo and behold, I won! Although it wasn't a cake, it was equally lame and unnecessary. I won a rather expensive china bridal figurine (read: something I had to stare at and then dust). I held onto said figurine until a couple months after the wedding and then attempted a return. I scored the return and got ... dishes! So, it ended up not being such a horrible prize after all.
TinyTuna: A medal at Solo and Ensemble
(Greentuna: And she didn't even win a cake!)

Salad: Name Something You Do that is a Waste of Time
Greentuna: Oh, the irony of typing this question while at work....
TinyTuna: Watching Spongebob Squarepants
(Greentuna: Yep. That wins)

Main Course: In what year of your life did you change the most?
Greentuna: Last Saturday I ate a piece of cake and actually uttered, "hey, this is good." So maybe the answer is this year. Or not. It's only cake, after all.
TinyTuna: (Almost) When I'm thirteen!
(Greentuna: Let the record show that as of this writing, she is NOT having cake for her birthday. Well, she is have cake, but with "cheese" in front of it and with three different kinds of chocolate in it, under it, and on top of it)

Dessert: Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?
Greentuna: Sunset, at the Atlantic ocean's edge. I'm ready now.
TinyTuna: Cape Hatteras
(Greentuna: Ahhhh. That's my kid)


jenny said...

why didn't u like the cake? that's too bad indeed! hehehe! great feast, i like the idea of doing it together with ur tiny tuna...hehehe!h

amy said...

Great feast and blog..Cant wait to spend more time reading here..Love this template

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great Feast and website. All that talk about cake is making me hungry. My feast is up if you would like to join.

TeaMouse said...

I love how you and tiny tuna answered the feast together - very interesting !

For the record I think you should allow her to rename herself teen tuna on her bday!

I found your site from Amy's Random Thoughts

Judy said...

Visiting from the feast.. and how super cool you and your daughter do the meme together. Is this normal for y'all? I'll be back to read more later...have a great one.Oh, and Happy Birthday early to Tiny Tuna ( I like the idea of Teen Tuna as well)

Linda said...

1st time here--great post, so funny. I'm trying to figure out the tuna language (is one the mom and one the kid?) Anyway, I enjoyed it!

Amy said...

Hi! Amy's Random Thoughts voted you Blog Of The Day! Congrats! I see why she did too. Funny, I answered one of my best prizes was a pie I won on the cake walk!! I won it for my daddy!

I'll be back 'cuz this place looks F.U.N.!!

Rob Carr said...

Well, doesn't that take the...uh...never mind.

Great feast, especially with the tag team!

Rob of UnSpace

Kat said...

I won a cake once, in the dining hall at college. My friends and I walked through the door and the card swiper guy stopped me and said, "Congratulations, you're the 200th person through the door tonight, you win a Valentine's Day Cake!" (It was Valentine's Day). I had no valentine to share it with, but plenty of hungry college students. It was a good cake, too, as far as cakes go.