Friday, March 30, 2007

Tuna Tribulations

Evidently this is TinyTuna's version of a persuasive argument. Reading this, you'd think we had a lovely chat with pinkies raised whilst we sipped our tea and nibbled dainty finger sandwiches. Speaking as one who has lived it with for well over 13 years (she was like this BEFORE she came out, just in case you wondered), she is more obnoxious persuasive than this even when she's asleep. (-GT)

TINY TUNA :: Mom, can I ask you something?


TINY TUNA :: You know on your blog how I'm known as Tiny tuna, well since I'm going to be thirteen on Easter Sunday, can you change it to Teen tuna?

GREEN TUNA :: **crickets** Well, maybe.

TINY TUNA :: (Slump)

GREEN TUNA :: But, if you want, we could set up a poll. You could write a persuasive entry to try to convince the readers to have me change it.

TINY TUNA :: Sounds great!

This is where you come in. On Easter I turn thirteen and will become a teenager. I think that my name could be changed, because it would fit me better. It's up to you readers. Should Greentuna change my name or not?


ann said...

Oh, I definitely think Tiny should become Teen! There are so many hurdles to get over as a teenager, this one should be easy. Found your site through Amy's. congratulations on Blog of the Day!

Debi said...

Hey, my daughter has the same birthday! She's hitting double digits this Easter.
And I say "yes". I agree entirely with annb.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I vote for TeenTuna, too. 13's a great year - you're young enough to be a kid, but old enough to be responsible.

Unknown said...

Can we add another T to that? It could stand for Terrible, Terrific, Tenacious, Treacherous, or Thankful. Any one of those can describe my 13 year old. There are many more words, but they don't begin with T. Funny is one! The things they come up with!

But I vote for Teen T. Tuna too. :) She deserves it!