Sunday, March 25, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

I say .... And You Think:
With an alternative universe inspired answer

1. Groovy :: Cool
Johnny Bravo. Because he fit the suit.

2. Jealousy :: Green
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

3. Watching :: And Waiting
Alice. She didn't have much else to do.

4. Kenny :: Oh my God, You Killed....!
Sorry. Even dead, Kenny is too cool to live in Brady-ville.

5. Games :: People Play
Will it be a row boat or a sewing machine? Let's build a house of cards!

6. Bread :: And Butter
Alice. Well, she did have to cook.

7. City :: Metropolis
Take a tour in the groovy (!) two-toned, wood-paneled station wagon.

8. Stems :: Flowers
Tiger dug them up and hid Kitty Carry-All. Oh, the humanity!

9. Birds :: Cardinals, Blue Jays and Finches, Oh My!
uhhhhhhhhhhh....I got nothing here.

10. Listener :: It's important to be a good one
All adults on the show. Alice in the kitchen. Mr. Brady at his architect's desk. Mrs. Brady in the family room. Sam .... at the front door?

Not much to add here, except to point out the obvious:
I need to get out more.

Please, you can do a better job HERE.


christine said...

Seems it was a very brady moment for you while you were filling out your meme.

Mine are up too!

Anonymous said...

I say .... And You Think:

1. Groovy :: Gravy
2. Jealousy :: Spite
3. Watching :: TV
4. Kenny :: Rogers
5. Games :: Magazine
6. Bread :: Daily
7. City :: LIfe
8. Stems :: stalks
9. Birds :: of a feather
10. Listener :: talker
hmm, no links there.
the boy