Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Name That Tuna

To the left you may notice a wee tiny poll on my wee tiny blog, posted on behalf of TinyTuna, my wee tiny pain in the butt. As I mentioned last week, La Tuna has been bucking for a name in my corner of the Internets. She feels she is deserving of such change because in less than two weeks, she will be of age that ends in teen.

She wants to be TeenTuna.

I, of course, am not thrilled with this course of events. Which course? All of them. Her birthday. Her birth-TEENTH-day. Her shunning my Tiny moniker as if I'd been calling her HitlerTuna all these years. And maybe worst of all, the fact that she is WAY too smart for her own good, and decided to enlist the one advocate that just might be my achilles heel.

She went to Scout. And told him her sob story.
And he agreed with her.

Luckily for me, I am both a black-hearted soprano and a mother which pretty much makes me VOLCANO in most discussions. However, make it look like I'm appeasing both TinyTuna and the TraitorScout, I told them I would put up a poll on my blog and we could give all y'all a say in the matter. I also told TinyTuna that she would need to write a persuasive argument and I would post it here. However, her calendar looks like death for the next week, so while she is busy rehearsing and Transmigrating with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, please imagine lots begging and pleading, accompanied by wild arm motions with the words "SO TOTALLY" thrown in dramatically for extra redundant dramatical goodness.

The poll only offers a few choices

  • TinyTuna - it was good enough before...
  • TeenyTuna - My offer of compromise which was SO TOTALLY turned down.
  • TeenTuna - Her choice.
  • Fred - No explanation necessary.

but if you have other ideas, leave it in the comments, and who knows, maybe y'all might convince me that a change is so totally in order.

As if.


Sharon said...

I always figured that when she became a teenager, you would change her name to TeenTuna. That's what I would do. I don't see what the big deal is.

Anonymous said...

I'm for TeenTuna. She just ain't "tiny" any more.

Peace Tuna

sue said...

What about TunaTeen?

Jeff said...

I agree with Teeny Tuna, a little od, a little new.

Mensch71 said...

Call me a traditionalist.
Call me a contrarian.

I think she should always (and forever) be TinyTuna.

I do hope Scout got the punishment he justly deserves for siding with the wee one over this.

Joe's Mama said...

I am still up in the air about this. Does she realize though, if she makes a switch, eventually she will have to take on ThirtyTuna, which sounds fun at 13, but when you are three days away from it, its not the best.

Travestine said...

I like "TeenyTuna" - has "new" flavour to it, but still the nostalgia factor. But from the sounds of things at TunaCentral, "PrincessTuna" might be more appropriate!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to vote for TeenyTuna
the Boy

odie said...

I'm with 'Joe's Mama'. In a mere 7 years, she'll be wanting another change. How will we all keep track of these name changes?

It's my firm belief that it is the parent's right (and responsibility) to choose a name befitting the child, and the child must then live with it until they are of an age to legally change it.

So. In conclusion, when's she's 18, she can become (dolphin) FreeTuna.