Friday, March 23, 2007

Stumbling for Dummies

While looking through the local newspaper today at lunch, I read an article detailing the legal wrap-up of a local case in which a not-terribly-bright University student embezzled in excess of $20,000 from a local big box type store. Said student pleaded guilty and was ordered to make full restitution, spend a couple weekends in jail, and serve five years on probation, at which time the charge will be ERASED.

That whole "it never really happened" part aside, what caught my eye in this particular case were several quotes from the not-terribly-bright University student's lawyer.

"All of us have stumbled on the road of life. All of us have our little trips on the road of life. This is just a stumble on the road of life for her."

I was flabbergasted. Here I am, many, MANY years older than this not-terribly-bright University student, and sure, I have stumbled on the road of life. But comparatively speaking, my sins equate to driving on the rumble-strips on the shoulder of the road of life, while she's driving a Hummer in the HOV lane with the cruise control set at 85mph.

How sad is it when you discover that even as a stumbler, you're nothing but a slacker?

Next time I'll know to aim higher.

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