Saturday, March 24, 2007

Role Models

After hearing TinyTuna's school choir perform yesterday, GramTuna and I were telling TinyTuna how lucky she was. Not only are her school choir director, her school orchestra director and her Children's Choir director fantastic musicians in their own right, they understand the dynamics of their particular group and are successful because they recognize that kids possess enormous potential to do amazing things, and that hard work isn't a bad thing -- it's THE thing you need to achieve your goal. Because of this, each of these groups consistently perform at a very high level, giving the kids a real sense of accomplishment.

As we were talking about this, I ticked off the names of each of her teachers: Mrs. B, Miss K and Mrs. S. I told TinyTuna that not only were all these women outstanding musicians and educators, they were also excellent role models.

TinyTuna looked at me and said, "But you forgot one."

"I did?"


"Who did I forget?"


I smiled at TinyTuna and thanked her.
That's my kid.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, those are the gifts our children bestow. We wrap them around our hearts to protect us when the "slings and arrows" come. And we remember that no matter what else they might say or do, they really do need us, admire us, and love us. Thank You, God! And thanks for sharing that special moment, GreenTuna. I believe she's right, by the way.