Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about GREENTUNA
Thirteen Totally Necessary Guilty Pleasures

1. Savage Chickens
Savage Chickens is one of several comics I race to read every morning. It's funny. It's chickens.
2. Girl Scout Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies
I know these have a real name. But I can never remember the real name and truthfully don't really care what the real name is. Just make step away from the red box, and nobody gets hurt.
3. Caller ID
How fabulous is Caller ID? It does the dirty work for you, allowing you to either pick up immediately or start mocking the telemarketer on the other end while the phone rings and rings and rings. It's perfect for the passive-aggressive in all of us. Unknown number? Sorry, Charlie.
4. InnerTube
The Internets have gotten smart and have started to put entire TV episodes online. InnerTube is the brainchild of CBS, but the other major networks have joined in as well. Missed an episode of Survivor? Check it out. Watch the entire season of Heroes on NBC? Go for it. Fa-boo.
5. Epicurious.Com
Ahh, Epicurious. The website which saves me from slogging to my basement to thumb through cookbooks for a recipe that matches my daily version of refrigerator Bingo.
6. iTunes
I work in a music library. I already own more CDs than Moses, but I love to meander through iTunes to stumble across new music. It doesn't matter if it is pop, jazz, blues, classical or something else. iTunes is my sweet, musical crack.
7. My Remote
I remember the old days of the aerial antennae. I remember only having three channels and making that tough decision -- stay with the crap on CBS or turn the antenna, wait 3 minutes for it to travel (ka-CHUNK, ka-CHUNK, ka-CHUNK) 195 degrees just to see if something better might be on somewhere else. Now I have the blessed remote. Funny thing is, if I can't find my remote, my next step is to hunt for the remote because I am physically incapable of changing the channels without it.
8. Weekly Puzzle Pack
Every Wednesday is puzzle day. On Wednesday afternoon I amass a week's worth of online crossword and Sudoku puzzles for the GramTuna, Mo'Tuna and me. We spend the next week working through them at our leisure. Stuck somewhere? Bored? PuzzleTime!
9. Thursday Night Post-Choir Practice Bar Fellowship. Praise Jesus!
Which I totally missed last night because I was on carpool duty for TinyTuna and her cohort as they returned from their concert in Detroit. But when time allows, there is nothing more spiritual than a weekly reenactment of where three or four are gathered.... (there is usually a fifth).
10. Bathroom Potpourri
I do not mean the smelly variety. I mean the reading variety. I hate being stuck somewhere with nothing to do (see puzzlepack above), and that includes the bathroom, where yes, I'm technically doing something, but I am able to multitask. However, you can't read the same magazine for a month, so having a variety is the key.
11. Bubble Wrap
If it's within arms reach, I will pop it. One stinking bubble at a time.
12. Trillian
Trillian is the too-way-cool IM program that runs ICQ, AOL, Yahoo and MSN simultaneously. Now, if it could somehow get the Gmail chat program included, I'd be all set. Even without, Trillian is a lifesaver.
13. Tuna News
My little corner of the world. It's kind of nice here.

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amy said...

Caller id is so underappreciated..This is a rockin list

Scrapbookmomof3 said...

I really like your list and what a great blog. :)

jewlsntexas said...

Neat post -
I love Trillian - it is so awesome. Everybody I know has different IMs and it makes it so much easier!
Welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

Stone Girl said...

Great list! I love my iTunes when driving. Have you visited Portable puzzles are great. My sister gave me an electronic Sudoku that I use at night while trying to fall asleep.

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! I actually already had you bookmarked after Holidailies 2006. Great blog!