Sunday, March 04, 2007

Modern Medicine

Last Thursday afternoon, TinyTuna called after school and asked if she could be picked up early because she had a headache. She usually stays after school for an hour to do homework in the library or practice. Most likely what she's doing is giggling with her friends while it looks like she's doing homework or practicing, but that's another story. GramTuna dashed out and got her, and when they got home she gave her some Gram aspirin, because evidently mine had expired oh, 2+ years ago. I guess it pays to have such a calm and cool demeanor that one isn't even able to finish a bottle of aspirin in time. HA!

Yesterday a new bottle of aspirin was purchased, and Gram, TinyTuna and I were discussing school and medicine. I confirmed with TinyTuna that she wasn't allowed to carry aspirin in her backpack or keep it in her locker. She told me no, she would get in HUGE trouble. I shook my head, but wasn't surprised. I asked her if she could ever get an aspirin in the nurse's office. She gave me the oh you sad, silly mother who knows nothing look and said, "If you're sick and need something at school, you only have two choices."

"And those are....?"

"A band-aid or a bucket."


trac said...

What a shame that kids can't even take something as simple as aspirin to school. I can recall my days with aspirin or whatever they took "back then" in my purse and no one cared.

I get the reasoning, but sometimes it DOES go overboard.

Hope she's feeling better!

lifeonhold said...

It's scary that the people in the institutions that are in charge of teaching our children how to think have to have such 'zero tolerance' policies because they have no common sense or judgement.