Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Great Freds in History

Fred is winning. Go Fred!
Other great Freds:

1. Fred MacMurray
Sure, he was the Absent-Minded Professor, but that pales in comparison to his role My Three Sons. And if you ever watched this back in the old olden days, the mere mention of the title brings forth humming, foot tapping and that hands thing. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you missed a classic.

2. Fred the Library in Fred the Building
Located on the TunaU Campus, Fred is the illegal that which should not be spoken name for the newish Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building, and the library therein. Why Fred? Only four letters and one syllable, baby.

3. Fred the Plant in My Backyard
Fred the plant in the backyard is this THING that came from Yooperland. It grows approximately seven feet tall and has yellow pom-pom flowers on it. Fred is quite vigorous, and frankly, out of control. Just like a lot of other things in the backyard (see: Ginger the centennial rambling rose bush that lives next to Fred and tends to ramble far beyond her borders, and the yet to be named pussy willow, that at last glance was about 12 feet tall)

4. Fred Rogers
Complete with sweater and comfy shoes. Last week when I was teaching, I stopped mid-berating (sing, damn you, SING!) and listened to the quaint twinkle-dee-twinkle music invading my space. Out in the hallway a student was practicing on some sort of marimba type device. I looked at my student (who was grateful for the break) and said in a sickly-sweet voice, "You know, it's like teaching in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and the trolley is here ready to take us to the Land of Make-Believe."

So, I'm thinking Fred isn't so bad.

The Fredster

It could work.


Kat said...

And don't forget Fred Flintstone.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I made a mistake last night. How many times can I vote??? I hit TinyTuna, but I meant TeenTuna, so I voted again this morning. That means I've voted 3 times. Do you suppose that might screw (I mean skew) the poll? Well, so be it. Fred is not her name. So there!