Monday, March 26, 2007

Movie Madness

I realize the Oscars are long gone and after a month, I'm still sucking wind with only 12 correct answers. But since the little naked guys got passed out, I have seen a few more movies, including several shorts that iTunes so graciously made available AFTER IT WAS TOO LATE.

Danish Poet
Nominated (Won) : Best Animated Short. Here is a prime example of if I would have seen it, I would have picked it. This is quite simply an utterly charming story. After showing it to TinyTuna (I LOVE IT!!!!) I didn't see my iPod for the next week. It's a story of love and how all the seemingly random events and coincidences of life interweave and form a new thread. Funny, charming, sweet. Awesome cameo by a cow. Yes, it's really that good. Worth all 199 pennies.

Binta and the Great Idea
Nominated (Lost) : Best Live-Action Short. Kids were cute. Seemed sweet, but honestly, I'm just not sure I got it. Or maybe I got everything there was to get. Sadly, meh.

Eramos Pocos (One Too Many)
Nominated (Lost) : Best Live-Action Short. A rather hysterical story of an abandoned father and his grown son that I do not want to give away. It certainly wasn't profound in subject matter, but seemed well-done on it's own level. Up against a live-action short dealing with AIDS in China, I'm not surprised this film didn't win.

Nominated (Lost) : Best Live-Action Short. A movie about Mormons. I have nothing against Mormons, but this seemed rather pointless and there was an egregious lack of daffodils. Pass.

Helmer & Son
Nominated (Lost) : Best Live-Action Short. Again, a hysterical story of a father living in a care facility and his children. Again, I'm not surprised this didn't win, but I will admit to a loud guffaw at the end. Fun film.

Superman Returns
Nominated (Lost) : Achievement in Visual Effects. Laying my biases on the table ahead of time, I never saw any of the other Superman movies, although I may have parts of a Christopher Reeve version flipping through TV channels. So, not having seen anything leading up to this epic THING, the first thing I learned was that I never knew Superman LEFT. But he did. He left so he could return and they could make a movie. The next thing I learned about Superman is that he's really Jesus. No, really. He's Jesus with lycra, a cape and no sandals. Because if you recall, Jesus left. And then returned. And he was sent by his father. Superman, that is. And Jesus. Confused? Just read the Bible and put on a John Williams soundtrack, and you'll get the picture.

Amazing Grace
Nominated for Nothing. We've exited Oscarville and returned to the land of somewhat recent releases. Amazing Grace tells the story of William Wilberforce and his drive to abolish the Slave Trade in England during the 18th century. A bit dry, a bit slow-moving at first, it picked up pace a bit into the film and ended up being a very compelling drama. TinyTuna loved it, and how great was it that this movie dealt with historical events and the story of someone fighting for a better world? No cape required. Besides, a Scottish Pipe Band is like Volcano when it's up against a John Williams soundtrack. Definitely worth a look-see.

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