Monday, February 09, 2004

What is it about Mondays? Today is moving at a gut-wrenchingly slow pace. I've read comics, I've hopped over to RealOne (network of Satan) to watch news clips, I've listened to CDs....nothing helps. I'm as bored as bored can get, and I still have over an hour to go.

I am mindful of a Haiku I once wrote for just such a workday as today:

Life in office crawls
like a slug across pavement
salt me God, salt me

Keep in mind, I am not lacking things to do. My office is a cornucopia of work-related projects. Well, less "projects" than crap. Well, less "crap" than nightmares. Work-related nightmares. Yes, that's a bit more accurate.

Meanwhile patrons are particularly needy and helpless, which doesn't help my day. Why is it that needy and helpless must go hand in hand? I never see one without the other. It's a vicious circle and I am in the eye of a storm. Just once I'd like to see users try to do something on their own before I get the extendo-play whine about how they just "don't understand computers."

How much longer, O Lord? Hrm. One hour, six minutes. Well, I'm going to keep working and then I'm going to go home, and then I'm going to finish the laundry, and then I'm going to do fourth-grade homework, and then I'm going to prep for teaching tomorrow, and then I'm going to "Do the Dean"
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