Thursday, February 05, 2004


Greetings from the Bessie. I've waved goodbye to Beelzebub's iMac for another week. Hasta la bye-bye! I ran across a few more tidbits I feel compelled to share.

First, Paris Hilton is in talks to host the next Miss USA Pageant. Oh dear. Has someone has forgotten the important lesson that crack is not a breakfast food?? Doesn't the host have to interview the finalists? I think I can hear a single brain cell singing "One is the loneliest number..."

Meanwhile, Connecticut chefs have proven that they have nothing better to do, so they are attempting to build the world's largest wedding cake. I'm not going to bored you with details, except to say it will be really tall and really heavy and really vanilla. Something to do on a snowy day, I guess.

Finally, oh those wacky Germans! A Berlin resident was in big trouble for teaching his dog the Nazi salute. I'm just wondering if the dog was just bad at "shake". Evidently not, since Herr Congeniality was also wearing a Hitler T-shirt and shouting "Sieg Heil!" Yet another person with too much time on his hands, I'm afraid. Maybe he should think about doing something constructive with his time, like making enormous wedding cakes.

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