Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Oh Great Music God RA, what mysteries do you have for me today?

1 - We Belong – Pat Benatar

Now THIS is a Pat Benatar song best played as loud as possible. Except when working in a library. Oops.

2 - Sonata in D major, L. 465 / K. 96 by Scarlatti – Wendy Carlos

Walter-now-Wendy Carlos made a bajillion of dollars with his-her “Switched On Bach” recordings. Electronic classical music at its best.

3 - Two-Part Invention in B-Flat Major by J.S. Bach – Wendy Carlos

Sometimes I don’t think The Music God RA shuffles very well.

4 - One of Us – Joan Osborn

I like this song. And I’m still not going to see Mel Gibson’s Jesus-a-rama.

5 - Pop Til Ya Drop – What??

I’m listening to this wondering what alien took over my computer and downloaded electronic crap. I’m asking by boyfriend about this title, and he doesn’t have any clues either. Then I look at the location of this song on my computer, and it’s from a computer game. Bleah. No wonder it was three minutes of the same eight measures over and over again.

6 - Wounded Heart – Jude Johnstone

I had never heard of this woman until I heard an NPR feature on her sometime ago. It was one of those “I can’t get out of the car until this is over” moments. And then I ran into work and bought the CD. You don’t have to be a trained singer, but you have to be a gut-wrenchingly soul-baring honest performer. She is.

7 - Lux Aeterna (from Requiem) – by John Rutter

So pretty. I have a soft spot for the Rutter Requiem. Sometime I’ll tell you all about it.

8 - If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

If I had her body, I’d wear strategically placed fishnet and dance on a naval destroyer too.

9 - O Holy Night – Southpark

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Jesus was born and so we get presents….

10 - Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen

The Boss. What’s not to love?

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