Saturday, February 28, 2004


Many people spend Saturdays in leisurely pursuit of, well, leisure, I guess. I wish I could say I was one of those people. But after spending two fabulous weekends in a wooly wonderland, this weekend was back to reality and the normal routine (read: runaround).

Our breakfast date with the Grill Dogs started at an alarm-busting 7:15am. From there it was dash to the mall for a walk with the Church Aunts. TinyTuna amazed us all by walking three complete laps -- no stopping. Her motivation was to be able to "sign the book" where you can record the number of miles walked on a given day. I've always told her she can't sign the book unless she does the whole deal -- three complete laps (approximately 3 miles). She did it with a minimum of verbal complaint but with a maximum of melodramatic huffing and puffing. She wanted to make good sure we knew that she was walking much farther than she usually does. All the world's a stage...

Post book signing, we dashed into one of the department stores to take advantage of a fairly large sale. The Gods of retail were smiling on the Tuna clan today, because I found TinyTuna's new Easter Dress! The hunt for a decent, appropriate yet affordable Easter Dress has begun to rival the annual dreaded Halloween costume safari. Because she has surpassed the age of no matter what you buy it's exceedingly adorable toddler-wear, we have to look high and low for a dress that receives the maternal stamp of approval.

I'm not a picky person, but when it comes to TinyTuna clothes I feel that the article of clothing should

A - Cover her body

B - Not have spaghetti straps or be strapless

C - Made of a fiber that conceivably could be found in nature. I do not want to be responsible for the slaughter of thousands of baby rayons and polyesters.

The winning frock this year is a very pale purple cotton dress with a cropped matching short sleeved jacket. The bodice has a lace overlay in the front and a gathered elasticized back (double bonus fitting points!). The jacket also has some dainty embroidered detailing. It is quite pretty, and didn't break the budget. The worst thing about the whole deal is the "thou shalt not wear thine Easter Dress before Easter" rule, meaning I have six more weeks of whining, as was foretold by the Ash Wednesday Bat. She already fulfilled tonight's quota. Now I have seven days of rest before round two begins.

After banking, lunching and car washing, it was off to the grocery store. I was worried because we hit the store at high noon-thirty on a Saturday. Usually not the best idea. However, the store was fairly tame, and we got in and out in decent time. The big purchase was a Super Saturday sale of a DVD-VCR combo for the basement. As I was explaining this to TinyTuna she said, "Oh, you mean for the playroom?" I could have cried and kissed her. It's the first time the subterranean sludge-heap has been referred to as a functioning room. After my usual What-You-Talkin-About-Willis HUH??, I smiled and said "oh, yeah. Yeah! The play room!" Little victories can mean so much.

Aside from that, not much to report. We watched the end of Fiddler made a Goof, we munched some awesome Shrimp Creole and fresh Asparagus and we waded into the backyard to feed the birds. No tuppence required.

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