Monday, December 01, 2003


The Day after Thanksgiving. For many people the tradition is get up several hours before the crack of dawn, wait outside some large department store and be the first to get a $9.95 toaster at 5:01 am. Yeesh. Personally I'd pay $9.95 not to have to get up several hours before the crack of dawn and wait outside any department store, big or small, and be the first to get anything at 5:01 am. Early bird, pre-dawn insanity driven shopping earns a whopping MPF from me. No lectures, please.

But I did get up on the day after Thanksgiving and turned on my TV to check the weather and the news. Splashed across the bottom of the screen it said "Black Friday". What? I was very confused. I wondered how the stock market could have crashed so soon. Evidently the term "Black Friday" is now assigned to the day after Thanksgiving, and refers to the fact that on this day the retailers move from being in the red to being in the black.

I did not get this memo. Furthermore, this is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Is it a psychological attempt to guilt the consumers into going out with the teeming throngs of humanity and buying $9.95 toasters? If so, it isn't working on me. Something tells me that the CEO of ye olde generic large corporation is not nervously sitting around for 11 1/2 months waiting for the sacred cow of shopping days so the company can finally turn a profit. So, you won't see me at the mall over Thanksgiving weekend. I prefer not to get trampled by rabid toaster bargain hunters. And if the economy falls because I didn't do my part, so be it. I'll get out there eventually, but on my time, not theirs. And certainly not before sunrise.

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