Thursday, December 25, 2003


Merry December the 25th. I hope everybody got exactly what they wanted, whether that be Christmas presents, Hannukah Geld, A good seat at the movies or some extra sleep. Personally I'm severely deficient in the sleep department. The bags under my eyes have bags. Too many nights of four hours sleep.

Woke up this morning (actually went to bed last night) to snow on the ground. Yes, the mitten state came through with a white Christmas. Being a mitten state type person, I'm supposed to jump up and down and clap like a ninny at the sight of snow on Christmas eve. Whatever. My biggest thrill was discovering my neighbor (my NICE neighbor, not Mrs. Cranky to the west or the Clampetts to the upper north) took the snowblower to our driveway. I immediately packed up Christmas cookies and sent GramTuna running across the driveway.

So, TinyTuna. What was I supposed to remember? Tooth -- Stocking -- Star. Well, let me tell you. At 2:15 am I managed to financially cover the dental drama, and the stocking was never in danger of being forgotten. The star, however, went AWOL, so it didn't climb back onto the tree. For those of you playing at home, TinyTuna never mentioned it this morning. But back to the tooth. I was a little annoyed. Granted, her tooth was loose. But it wasn't that loose, and my darling moocher decided to rip it out of her mouth at 2 minutes before church. DOH. I shouldn't have to be checking for dollars on Christmas Eve. Tooth fairy and Santa? What a greedy Gus.

Overall, Christmas was fine. No major injuries, shouting, crying or pouting fits -- and the kids behaved pretty darn well, too. Over the next several days I'll be reporting in from the eastern side of the country and regaling you with holiday tales south of the Mason-Dixon line. Friendly warning: expect to see a lot more "y'all" type writing. When in Rome....

To my family and friends here at home, thank you for a very merry Christmas. To everybody out there who reads and encourages me and my chronicle of life in the trenches, thank you. You're so much more than virtual friends. You're real friends that I just haven't met yet. Warmest wishes to each and every one of you.

Last thought--Why is Kirstie Allie STILL on my TV?

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